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Peter Salzano - Books are Man's Best Friend

Peter Salzano is an English major and bibliophile. With an unfathomable love for books, he highly appreciates literature and classic writers. Admiration for books is something he got from his family, whenever it was a special occasion, a good book was always his parent’s choice of gift.

According to Peter, reading is the best exercise that activates the entire human spiritual and psychical sensorium. He believes that getting right into a good book boosts concentration and empathy. He owes his parents for the success he has achieved due to his attentive upbringing. In his early college life, he loved reading Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.

Peter Salzano Book Lover

Peter is a great fan of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and has read it quite a few times. During his adolescent years, European history and literary works by authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Hardy, and Dostoevsky appealed to him. Seeing the world through the minds of these great men served him to reach his present occupation i.e. the celebrated author of literary works and an illustrious critic.

Peter loves to read books with a diverse genre so that he is able to explore different subjects. He considers books to be a valuable resource to consume huge amounts of research in a shorter span of time. He has almost read most of the novels through his blog section, he tries to cover the different work of separate authors.

You can follow his blog section for more information related to literature and the recommendation of books to read.

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