Peter Salzano: Poems Expressing The Feeling of Joy

Peter Salzano: Poems Expressing The Feeling of Joy

“The power of poetry is that you can express any emotion most beautifully and elegantly,” says Peter Salzano, a renowned poet and blogger. When happy or excited we generally fall short of words; this is when poetry does its magic.

Even on social platforms 60% of people either express the feeling of joy with beautiful poetry or songs or the famous lines of the poem or song. Considering this request of the reader today in this post Peter Salznao has shared some of his favourite poems expressing the feeling of joy that you can consider reading anytime:

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  • Joy by Carl Sandburg

Let a joy keep you.
Reach out your hands
And take it when it runs by,
As the Apache dancer
Clutches his women.
I have seen them
Live long and laugh loud,
Sent on singing, singing,
Smashed to the heart
Under the ribs

With a terrible love.
Joy always,
Joy everywhere–
Let joy kill you!
Keep away from the little deaths.

  • Joy- A State of Mind by Vidya Pandarinath


Joy is the instinctive Notion
By all means, exhibiting our Attention

Joy is the Divine Expression
Full of hopes, Love and Affection

Joy is the courteous good Will
Shall never embitter pricking ill will

Joy is the readiness to return kindness
Without Concerning about outcome.. Surely goodness

Joy is the Fondness
Orientation of emotion, conscious and Calmness

Joy is the Compassion
Forgive and forget…living life in fashion and great Satisfaction

Joy is the service of Humanity
Will freedom from all partiality..surely the power of Unity

Joy is the basis of Righteous
Living life with genuineness and Pious

Joy is the Acceptance
No fantasy,only real Essence

Joy is the Living each Moment
Regardless of Consequences, believing in the path chosen

Joy is the Willingness
Utmost sincerity and diligence..!

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  • Sonnet XVI By Fernando Pessoa


We never joy enjoy to that full point
Regret doth wish joy had enjoyed been,
Nor have the strength regret to disappoint
Recalling not past joy’s through, but it’s main.
Yet joy was joy when it enjoyed was
And after-enjoyed when as joy recalled,
It must have been joy ere its joy did pass
And, recalled, joy still, since it’s being-past galled.
Alas! All this is useless, for joy’s in
Enjoying,not in thinking of enjoying.

Its mere through-mirroring gainst itself doth sin,
By mere reflecting solid life-destroying,
Yet the more thought we take to thought to prove
It must not think, doth further from joy move.

These are three types of different poems on the joy that will fit well with your emotions of being happing, experiencing joy, or thinking of the happy moments. Peter Salzano says expressing your feeling of joy with poems makes it more presentable and eye-catching for others.

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