Peter Salzano: How to Store Your Novels Properly To Protect Them During Summers

Peter Salzano: How to Store Your Novels Properly To Protect Them During Summers

Summer vacation is a perfect time to invest in activities like reading and spend more time enhancing your knowledge and vocabulary, says Peter Salzano, a popular blogger and book lover. Spending time near the beach and reading your favourite novel is one best example of enjoying your vacations doing what you love the most i.e. reading.

But the challenge here is how to protect your books from any damage caused in summers due to heat and at the time due to water. Water-related accidents are common in summers that can cause serious damage to your book collection.

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Here are some tips shared by Peter Salzano on how to store your novels/books properly to protect them during summers:

  • Buy Novels /Books that come with the new concept “Biblio-bath”

There are a few novels and books that are waterproof. These books are a little pricey but the only limitation here is that there are very few books to pick from.

  • Waterproof Cover is an all-time requirement

Cover your novels and books with waterproof covers as in summers we tend to have a lot of liquids like juice or are mostly around pools to enjoy the summers while reading your favourite book. The risk is high that you will spill the liquid on your novel/book so it is advisable to use a waterproof cover to provide some protection to your book.

  • The new trend: Floating Bath Caddy

Another trending concept to enjoy your time at the pool while reading is by investigating some money on a floating bath caddy. This is a bookcase that you can keep your book in and as mentioned before this is a floating case that protects your book even in the pool.

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These are the top three trending ways in which you can protect your novels and books in the summers while enjoying your cold drinks and water sports. Peter Salzano says that such trending concepts actually makes reading more enjoyable and also helps to protect your books from getting damaged.

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