Peter Salzano: Is it Better to Read a Book or an Article on a Certain Topic?

Peter Salzano: Is it Better to Read a Book or an Article on a Certain Topic?

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Reading is a great way to learn and grasp knowledge, says Peter Salzano, a book lover and a popular blogger. Readers do look for recommendations for reading and explore all flavours of the literature and fiction.

What to read is a big question to make as a reader, especially when it’s a quick decision to be made. Peter says there are no recommendations from his side, but he can explain the benefits of both: reading a book as well as an article.

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So let’s read the points shared by Peter Salzano in the argument for books and articles: 

Why should one read books?

  • Books have a “High Quality of Content”

As a book lover, Peter says, ‘I feel that books have a high quality of content, whereas an article is a restriction of limited words where the quality sometimes is compromised. Reading a book is just like having a conversation with the author of the book. Books are in general more time consuming which is why you connect more with books than with the articles. 

  • In-depth information that can focus on higher complexity topics

Books have in-depth information about the topic, event or person the book is about. Whereas in an article you will find the main points that will build your crusty to read more about the topic to get more information. It’s an attempt to grab your attention and lead you to the next part of the article or the story. 

  • To-empower yourself

One big reason why people prefer reading books is to empower themselves with knowledge. Reading inspirational books is a way in which the readers find the strength and the confidence to take control of their lives. Such inspirational books have changed the lives and the thought process of many for good.

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Why should one read articles?

  • Articles provide up to date information and coverage of the recent development

The articles are the best form to grab information about the recent event or activity with all the important points summarized. This is the main agenda of articles to provide quick and correct information to their readers.

  • Articles help to understand people’s perspective

Articles are the best way to know about people’s perspective that is somewhere important for us to know when it comes to topics like national, global and political affairs. 

  • Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

As mostly the article is written on current affairs, about famous people, political events and global situations. It makes the reader think about the situation and analyse it as per his/her perspective. This generally happens when you read an article that is published on a sensitive topic.

These are the top reasons in support of reading both articles as well as books, shared by Peter Salzano. He says if your main agenda is to grab the information you will not look for a reason not to choose the piece of information that is in front of you. Crusty and interest are two main factors that can make you fall for books as well for articles. Or I must say articles by a specific author that you can connect to.

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