Peter Salzano: Recommended Romantic Novels

Peter Salzano: Recommended Romantic Novels

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If asked what makes you believe in love? What will be your answer? The stories that I heard, when I was young, the experiences that I had, and moreover the novels that actually describe love in thousands of ways, makes me believe in love over and over again, says Peter Salzano a well-known blogger and a book lover.

What tempts you while you are growing is the chapter of romance, affection, curiosity to know what love is, and this time comes in everyone’s life sooner or later. Now that everything is transparent for all of us to read, understand and ask questions, in this digital world reading has become the primary way to look for information.

Movies that are inspired by these romantic novels build more curiosity to read, which is what Peter Salzano feels.

Peter J Salzano - Romantic Novels

Appreciating your interest in reading, here are some amazing romantic novel recommendations shared by Peter Salzano that you can choose to read:

  • The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

It’s a fantastic novel to read about a public proposal gone wrong. There is so much that you can relate to in this novel. There is a sharp feminist edge that makes the novel even more interesting.

The novel is about a girl named Nikole Paterson who goes to a Dodgers game with her boyfriend who is an actor. As he proposed to her in public, the girl said no, and the video about the public proposal went viral. As her boyfriend was a public figure due to his acting career, the girl had to face the disappointment of his fans.

The novel further narrates how the girl was rescued by a doctor and how the love affair started and how one of them pulled the brakes when the glorified hookup started breaking the rules.

  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

This novel takes you in the real world with your coworkers. The characters in this novel hate each other, they are coworkers and have always been in a cold working relationship with each other.

The novel further describes how the character realizes that maybe she does not hate her coworker, and maybe the feeling is the same from the other side.

This is a very relatable novel for those who are working and do not share a good bond with their coworkers. This novel simply describes a new angle of love.

  • Call Me by Your Name

In the list of amazing love stories, call me by your name is one such novel that later became a film with great reviews. The novel talks about the love story between two young men in the Italian Riviera that are worth a read. You might find novels with a similar story line but this one has no comparison, as it is beautifully written.

Peter Salzano - Romantic Novels
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife

Have you thought of falling in love with someone who lives on a totally different timeline? No, or yes, whatever your answer is, this novel is a must-read for you especially for those who are dealing with long-distance relationships. They will relate to the story more.

It’s a story about a librarian who gets unstuck in time, and the other character named Clare Abshire, who is an artist whose life progresses the conventional way.

This romantic tale is unique and is beautifully written making the reader fall in love with the story as well as the characters.

  • Elernor & Park

Again a very interesting novel focusing on “ You never forget your first love.” You can test this theory of “ You never forget your first love” by taking a trip down memory lane with Park, and Eleanor, the two main characters in the novel.

The story of the misfit teens back in 1896, who were smart enough to understand that young love does not last long, but brave enough to give it a try, made the novel a must-read for the teens of today, looking for love.

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These are some recommendations from Peter Salzano a popular blogger and a book lover. All the recommendations are different, with different storylines, making you wonder about the different colors of love and situations that make you understand “What love feels like.”

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