Peter Salzano: How to Raise a Book Lover

Peter Salzano: How to Raise a Book Lover

As a parent, it is very difficult to make your child sit and read books other than the school course books. But you as a parent can make your kid fall in love with books, says Peter Salzano, a book lover, and a blogger. Parents are the first teacher of a child and he/she blindly trusts your choice. If you choose the right book at the right age for your child they will develop a habit of reading soon.

Books are your best friend is something you can make your kids realize. In the race of being the topper, we generally ignore one precious habit that our child must have i.e reading books. Like sports, reading should be included in the extracurricular activities of your child, and you as a parent have to initiate to choose the books for your child.

Here are some tips shared by Peter Salzano on how to raise a book lover. Read through to know how you as a parent can be a guiding light:

Make it matter, suggest books that your child is interested in

This is the best way to make your child feel interested in reading books. You should provide books that are related to your child’s interest like if your child loves sports so give him/her the opportunity to read a book related to sport if he/she finds it difficult to read then you read it to them. This is how your child will develop an interest in reading books. Nowadays books for all generations are available, so it is not difficult for you to look for a good book for your child.

Get the Library card

Like you take your kids to the park, take your kids to visit the library too. Make a library card for them and teach them how to look for a book in the library. Children like to learn something new as they are curious to learn new things, reading can be one of them. If your child is 9 years old he/she is appropriate to choose his/her reading material. Now libraries have some activities for kids to make them read especially in schools. Motivate your kids to participate in such activities.

Create a reading rich atmosphere at home

Create an atmosphere at home that motivates your child to read, generally, the young ones copy their elders. So if you and your older kid have a habit of reading your younger child will show interest in books too. Ask your child to sit with you and read, ask them to narrate a story to you that they have just finished reading, engage in reading activities with them, ask them to read along with you, or read a paragraph for you. This is how you will help your child develop a habit of reading.

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Motivate them to join a book club

Vacation time is the best time to engage your child in developing activities like reading books. Motivate your kids to join a weekly book club during vacations so that they enjoy both vacations as well as book clubs. Even schools these days have started with book clubs that your child can join.

These are some best ways in which you can help your kid to become a book lover and spend some quality time reading and enhancing his/her knowledge. It becomes difficult as an adult to develop such habits so start as a kid. Take baby steps like reading a story to your child to make them fall in love with books, says Peter Salzano, a book lover and a famous blogger.

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