Peter Salzano – Career Opportunities for Book Lovers

Peter Salzano – Career Opportunities for Book Lovers

Is reading your hobby? Do you consider yourself a book lover? If yes then we feel happy to share some career opportunities to give a career direction to your beautiful hobby. There are many book lovers who grabbed the best career opportunity as a reader like Peter Salzano who is a famous blogger by profession and shares his knowledge with the world through the medium of his blogs.

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Generally, people complain about not being able to read more because of their work engagement but what if you’re reading habit gives you a chance to earn. Won’t it be the best career opportunity for you as a book lover? Yes, it will surely be. So here are some career choices shared by Peter Salzano that would make it easy for you to understand and gain knowledge about the trending career opportunities as a book lover:

  • Author

Majority of the book lovers dream to become an author to give direction to their reading passions to write their own stories, books, poems, tails, etc.

You as an aspiring author can write biographies, novels, children’s books, short stories or another best option is to write for a publishing house.

  • Blogger

Being a blogger is not a tough task but to become a famous blogger you need to have good knowledge and creative writing skills. If you are a book lover like Peter then, sharing what you know is something you like the most. Bloggers do the same thing: share with the world what they like, recommend and share the experience.

  • Editor

The one who is good with reading is definitely a good editor. In fact, while reading a book or an article you must have thought about the ways in which the author could make it better, this is what an editor does, makes things better. Use your knowledge of words and proper grammar to improve the work as an editor.

  • Journalist

As a reader, the best ability that you have is that you understand the importance of telling a story, which is why this career opportunity suits you the best. Although the journalism job requires a bachelor’s degree but as said before this is the best job a book lover will opt-in this digital world.

  • Screenwriter

As a screenwriter, your job is to write scripts and screenplays, television shows and movies which is again a very interesting job. Your creative thinking and writing skills will do the magic to write your own tales, fiction, and stories.

  • Technical Writer

As the name suggests “ Technical” it’s a means your efforts are to be but in technical writing like scientific writing, instructions or the best example could be the writers in IT sectors. As the growing IT sectors and information sector, the demand for technical writers have increased giving a great opportunity for them to explore and make a career.

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  • Podcaster

Book lovers love reading and narrating stories, so does a podcaster love telling stories. Make use of your passion for reading and narrating skills with a microphone and some editing software to become a famous podcaster in your local radio stations.

  • Bookstagrammer, similar to a social media influencer

Just like the other influencers on social media, a bookstagrammer is someone who shares or promotes books or about your love of books with the people on your social profile.

There are no boundaries for a book lover to find a job in the same stream, you can be a book lover and a lawyer, or a book lover and a doctor. It’s just that there are a number of jobs available as a reader so never give up reading just because you feel there is no career in this.

The attempt to write this blog was just to motivate you to read and share information about career opportunities as a book lover says, Peter Salzano. The list of career opportunities does not end here there are more jobs for you like, musician, songwriter, book illustrator, politician and many more.

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