Powerful Female Authors To Read In 2020 – Peter Salzano

Powerful Female Authors To Read In 2020 – Peter Salzano

“Women are emerging as leaders in every field are it sports, technology, business or literature and there is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a year of powerful women”, says Peter Salzano, a famous bibliophile, and book critic. He has been following the leading ladies of the literary world and has been reading their work for a long time. He shares the compiled list of incredible writers who are launching their novels in 2020.

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●  Liz Moore – Long Bright River

Liz Moore is an American author who started her career as a musician in New York City. Music inspired her to write and led her to launch a number of books that include the forthcoming mystery thriller, Long Bright River. The novel revolves around the insane lives of two sisters, Kacey and Mickey. Kacey disappears suddenly and as Mickey starts looking for her sister, a series of tragic events unfold.

●  Tessa Bailey – Lover Her or Lose Her

Tessa Bailey is a New York Times bestselling romance author. Her upcoming romance novel, Love Her or Lose Her is going to be a page-turning story of high school lovers turned married couple. They plan to go for a marriage boot camp to rekindle their old love. Their stay at the camp is very eventful as Rosie comes to know about a secret Dom has kept from her.

●  Lily King – Writers & Lovers

After writing a Kirkus prize-winning novel Euphoria, Lily King is all set to launch her ner adult novel, Writers & Lovers. The protagonist of the book is a smart and vulnerable woman, Casey who wears her heart on sleeves. As she encounters the last days of her long youth, her life faces a crisis. Lily has successfully created a novel that has humor, love, and intelligence.

●  Yaa Gyasi – Transcendent Kindom

Yaa Gyasi’s first novel Homegoing was a national bestseller and took the world by storm. Her forthcoming novel, Transcendent Kingdom, tells a story of Ghanaian immigrants staying in Alabama, devastated by depression, addiction, and grief.

According to Peter Salzano, these women are the strong personalities that write their minds and have the power to bring a relevant change in this world.  

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