Peter Salzano – Best Poetry Books From Authors of Contemporary works

Peter Salzano – Best Poetry Books From Authors of Contemporary works

“The world of poetry is vibrant and fervent. Those who have been there are familiar with the bliss of reading poems”, says Peter J Salzano, a reader, writer, and food connoisseur. He believes that a good poem can touch the soul of a person and change his or her life to a great extent.

There are poems that you read and feel connected instantly. Poems that give words to your emotions and feelings. Such poetries should be celebrated and talked about. If you are a passionate poetry lover, here are some of the best poetry books from modern authors for you to read.

  • Bright Dead Things By Ada Limon

It is a book by a 21st-century feminist depicting boldness and introspection, harrowing terror and loss. Limon is a poet who wears her heart on her sleeve and the collection of poems in this book portrays her heart as a “huge beating genius machine” striving to embrace the fullness of the present moment.

  • My Mother Was A Freedom Fighter By Aja Monet

This book of poems is Aja Monet’s tribute to mothers, daughters, and sisters who fight to change the world. The poet addresses issues like racism, sexism, genocide, heartbreak, love, motherhood, and spirituality in this book.

  • Don’t Call Us Dead By Danez Smith

Danez Smith is an award-winning poet known for deft lyrics, urgent subjects, and strong performative. Don’t Call Us Dead is a series of poems that imagines the life of the hereafter of the black men shot by police. The poems depict a world free of suspicion, violence, and grief for the black men.

  • If They Come For Us By Fatimah Asghar

From a co-creator of the Emmy-nominated web series, Brown Girls comes powerful, emotion-evoking debut poetry that beautifully sews the experiences of young Pakistani Muslim women in contemporary America. The poems bear joy, compassion, agony, vulnerability, and make many facets of violence known to the reader.

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According to Peter Salzano, these poetry books make great contributions to the modern world of literature and those who find peace in poetry must give them a read.

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