How To Make Your Kids Love Reading – Peter J Salzano

How To Make Your Kids Love Reading – Peter J Salzano

Peter J Salzano, a passionate book lover, says that one of the best habits that you can inculcate in children from a young age is reading. He recalls how his parents used to read him bedtime stories and that’s how he developed a keen interest in reading.

In this digital age, where kids from the very beginning are exposed to mobile phones and other gadgets, it is very difficult to make them love books.

A book by Daniel Willingham, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia, “Raising Kids Who Read”, can be a great help to parents who are trying to build reading habits in their kids. Peter talks about ways that can interest your children into reading.

  • Create Environment That Welcomes Reading

The very first step to get your children’s attention to books is to keep all other distractions away from them. This can be very difficult given the involvement of gadgets in our day to day life. You must create a pleasing and calm environment at home that encourages children to spend their afternoon reading stories.

  • Read In Front of Your Kids

Children tend to follow their parents’ footsteps. They will casually learn what they see you doing. If they see you reading often, they will be encouraged to pick up a book. Also, it will make them realize that reading a good activity given their parents are doing it. You can also read them bedtime stories, to begin with.

  • Gift Them Books

Kids love gifts and especially when they receive it from their parents. Make a habit of gifting a good book to your child on every small occasion. You may also get a new book to your kid for achieving something. This will not only make books an important part of their childhood but they will also value those books more.

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  • Read With Your Child

Children love to do fun activities with their parents. Include reading in those fun activities. Whenever you plan a family picnic, take a storybook along and read it along with your children. You can also do it at home when your kid is in the mood for some fun activity. This way children look forward to reading and enjoy it.

Peter Salzano believes that every child should be encouraged by his parents to read. Reading helps children to explore many new things. It expands their vision and helps their minds to grow.

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