Different Genres of books – Peter J Salzano

Different Genres of books – Peter J Salzano

According to Google, there are 130 million books in the entire world. The books are divided into numerous sub-categories. Peter J Salzano a remarkable blogger and book lover discusses the different genres of books under fiction and nonfiction categories below.

Following is the list of different genres of books:

  1. Anthology

It is the collection of short poems, essays, plays, etc from different authors combined into one book. The selection of the pieces together is done on the basis of a similar or common theme.

  1. Classic

They are considered the most influential books of all time. They are the most important books in history and are also taught in schools. One example of classic books is Romeo and Juliet. Plays written by popular playwrights also come under the classic genre of books.

  1. Action and Adventure

The story under this genre is usually action and adventurous stories. It is accompanied by danger and physical action later. These stories move quickly, some of the action books are the hobbit and the three musketeers by Alexandre dumas.

  1. Crime and Detective

These books have an element of suspense in them and deal with crimes. As the story evolves you will get to detect the crime and criminals. The popular book under this genre is Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. This book is almost taught in schools and is part of the syllabus all over the world. A tv series has also been made on the same.

  1. Drama

Drama is a fiction that is depicted in the books. It is basically written keeping in mind the enactment of drama in the theater. Most of the books written in the drama genre are used by the artist and are depicted by them. Many voice actors and theater actors work on the scripts of the drama books.

  1. Cookery Books

There are numerous books that contain the collection of recipes and a history of food. These books are great for food lovers.

  1. Horror

It is a genre that creates fear and terror among the readers. It creates a frightening experience for the readers. Examples of horror fiction are ‘The Shining’ by Stephen King and ‘The Exorcist’ by William Peter Blatty. In the opinion of Peter, Stephen king is the best writer in the horror genre.

  1. Biography/ Autobiography

It is the narration of the life story of an individual written by someone else. ‘6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain’ is a great autobiography book of hockey player Eric LeMarque who narrates his experience of surviving after a snowboarding trip went wrong.

  1. Fable

In this type of genre, the fictional narratives are used that personifies the animals, creatures, plants, etc as the main characters. The characters in the fables contain the same human qualities and the ability to speak in human language.

Peter has covered all the important genres of books above.

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